The role of a Western Gateway STB is to provide strategic leadership by providing one single voice when discussing strategic transport infrastructure requirements with government. These conversations will be informed by our regional evidence base and a long-term Strategic Transport Plan.

To produce a long-term Strategic Transport Plan, the Western Gateway STB will need to produce various strategies that feed into the Strategic Transport Plan.

Below is an outline of the strategies identified by theme and their current status. It should be noted that the completion of these documents is dependent on funding and will be kept under review.

ThemeStudy / StrategyStatus
Strategic Transport PlanRegional Evidence Base🗸 Completed 2019/20
Economic Connectivity Study🗸 Completed 2019/20
Multi-modal Port Access Study🗸 Completed 2020/20
Short-term Strategic Transport Plan (2020/2025)🗸 Completed 2020
Long-term Strategic Transport Plan (2024-2050)🗸 Completed 2023/24
Strategic Corridor Studies x 4🗸 Completed 2023/24
Strategic Investment Plan Expected 2024/25
Issues and Opportunities paper🗸 Completed 2023/24
🗸 Response Summary
Sub-National ModellingUnderstanding modelling requirements🗸 Completed 2021/22
Construction of strategic models🗸 Completed 2021/22
Scenario testing Expected 2023/24
DecarbonisationCarbon Audit of Strategic Transport use🗸 Completed 2022/23
Decarbonisation scenario testing Expected 2023/24
Upgrading the forecasting tool to England’s Economic
Heartland Playbook
Expected 2023/24
Opportunity to Shift Modes 🗸 Completed 2023
FreightStrategic Freight strategy 🗸 Completed 2022/23
Alternative Fuels for Road Freight 🗸 Completed 2023
Annual Monitoring Report 2022/23 🗸 Completed 2023/24
Alternative Fuels for Freight (shortlisting of sites) Expected 2023/24
Strategic Cycle RoutesStrategic Cycling strategy Expected 2023/24
Electric Vehicles (EV)EV Strategy 🗸 Expected 2024/25
EV charging study 🗸 Completed 2024
RailRegional Rail Strategy – Phase 1 – aspirations🗸 Completed 2019/20
Regional Rail Strategy – Phase 2 – priorities🗸 Completed 2020/21
Birmingham to Exeter Corridor Study🗸 Completed 2022
Bristol to Birmingham Corridor Study 🗸 Completed 2022
Heart of Wessex Line Strategic Outline Business Case Expected 2023/24
Cheltenham Spa Capacity Study Expected 2023/24
CoachStrategic Coach strategy🗸 Completed 2023
Rural MobilitySouth West rural mobility strategy🗸 Completed 2022
HighwaysMRN / LLM Scheme prioritisation🗸 Completed 2019/20
SRN / MRN / LLM scheme prioritisation update Expected 2023/24