Strategic Transport Plan

A key function of the Western Gateway STB is the development of a Strategic Transport Plan. The plan will outline the strategic transport investment priorities in for the 4 strategic partnership corridors identified in the Western Gateway area. The focus of the plan is to enable sustainable economic growth, improve strategic connectivity and enhance low carbon travel choices.

The multi-modal Strategic Transport Plan is intended to complement local transport plans to enable the delivery of shared objectives. By considering these connections at a sub-national level, it enables the full journey to be considered instead of sections of the journey linked to local authority administrative boundaries. It also enables a long-term plan to be produced that identifies the transport issues within a corridor or area and identifies a sequenced list of investment priorities.

Depending on the corridor and the location of the issue, the investment priorities may include a variety of initiatives including:

  • highway capacity schemes
  • passenger transport schemes
  • urban traffic management schemes
  • green travel infrastructure
  • or integrated ticketing solutions.

Once completed these corridor studies will form part of a Strategic Transport Plan.

The Strategic Transport Plan would provide the focal point for investment discussions with the Department for Transport, transport infrastructure providers (Highways England / Network Rail) and transport operators (Train and Bus operating companies) enabling more effective and meaningful engagement.