Board meetings and minutes

The Western Gateway STB Board is the decision-making body of the STB. It meets on a quarterly basis and its meetings are accessible to the public.

The Western Gateway STB Board includes the following members:

Upcoming Board Meetings

The next Board meeting is scheduled on Wednesday 13th March 2024, 2pm-4pm.  

Future Board meeting dates for 2024 are below:
Wednesday 12th June 2-4pm
Wednesday 2nd October 2-4pm
Wednesday 11th December 2-4pm


Information on Board meetings can be found below

Associate members

The Western Gateway STB Board can appoint representatives of other organisations as associate members to the Board, where their participation is seen as adding value.

Representatives of the below organisations participate as associated members of the Western Gateway STB Board, establishing a collaborative partnership and enabling a single co-ordinated conversation:

  • The chair of the stakeholder group created by the Board to represent local stakeholders 
  • One representative each from the Department for Transport, Highways England, Network Rail and Homes England 
  • One representative from each neighbouring STB

Applications to become an associate member of the Western Gateway STB Board must be submitted in writing and will be considered by the Board on an individual basis.