Freight is a vital part of the transport sector for the South West region. It is the lifeblood for our communities and businesses – not only bringing in essential goods and commodities, but also moving the products of our many and varied businesses and services.

The South West Freight Strategy is a collaboration between Peninsula Transport and Western Gateway sub national transport bodies. It addresses the challenges, opportunities, and priorities for the South West over the next 30 years to 2050, with objectives focussed on the environment, economy, and society.

South West Freight Strategy

Peninsula Transport and Western Gateway Sub-national Transport Body (STB) have produced its first joint freight strategy for the whole of South-West England. The ambitious, evidence-based vision addresses the challenges, opportunities and priorities for freight transport across the South West for the next 30 years to 2050.

The comprehensive strategy sets out recommendations for a series of interventions developed in response to six key issues affecting transport and freight across the South West:

  • Connectivity
    Improving connectivity by identifying strategically important roads and establishing links between road, rail, ports and aviation nodes.
  • Decarbonisation
    Prioritising the reduction of carbon emissions though such measures as investing in greener vehicle technologies and supporting infrastructure, as it is recognised a large proportion of freight will continue to use the road network for all or part of their journey.
  • Information and awareness
    Increasing awareness of options throughout the South West to better support the sustainable movement of freight.
  • Infrastructure
    Improving freight infrastructure to support the consistent and reliable movement of goods.
  • Operational efficiency
    Cutting across transport modes to deliver efficiency savings through, for example, developing schemes and partnerships to reduce empty vehicle running that will cut carbon emissions, costs and the number of vehicles on the roads.
  • Technology
    Using technology to improve the efficiency of freight and help address the decarbonisation agenda.

    Each intervention varies in timescale and cost and will be delivered by working with operators, industry, stakeholders and communities, with five priority interventions identified that align to the core priorities of the South West.

South West Freight Forum

  • A key recommendation of the strategy is to establish a Freight Steering Group with representatives from key players in the freight industry and engagement of stakeholders across the public and private sectors to drive forward the recommended interventions.