Our work

We will work together and with our partners to:

  • Develop and publish a Strategic Transport Plan for the Western Gateway area.
  • Develop a regional transport evidence base for the Western Gateway to identify and prioritise scheme delivery for consideration by the Department for Transport.
  • Facilitate a more effective and meaningful engagement with the Department for Transport, infrastructure agencies (including Highways England and Network Rail), service providers (such as bus and rail operating companies) and Homes England.
  • Provide the focal point for discussions with Government on strategic transport and infrastructure investment decisions within the Western Gateway area.
  • Agree the sequencing of priorities/schemes with Highways England and Network Rail to ensure there is a joint approach to the development and delivery of strategic infrastructure.
  • Provide the opportunity to share technical expertise and resources across the Constituent Authorities to assist with the development and assessment of proposals.

“Working together across our region and in partnership with stakeholders outside the Western Gateway area helps us to shape our priorities for businesses and communities within the Gateway area."

Western Gateway – Programme Management Team

Multi-modal corridors

A strategic travel corridor links important and significant destinations such as major urban areas or international ports. Considering these connections at a sub-national level, enables the full journey to be accounted for instead of sections of the journey linked to each local authority’s administrative boundaries.
Multi-modal corridors

Engagement Report

Read our high-level summary of the representations received during the public engagement process for the Strategic Transport Plan 2020-2025.
Engagement report


Our 7 priorities are Highways, Rail, Bus and Coach, Active, Decarbonisation, Freight, International.