Discovering the Missing Link

Yesterday was truly a day of transport connectivity, when the team took a trip via train to Gloucestershire to discover more about the progression of the missing link; a project to dual a three-mile stretch of the A417. Nestled in the Cotswolds National Landscape, the road is a vital route between Gloucester and Swindon, and connects the Midlands to the South of England. The project will also include the creation of two new crossings (which incorporates a 40m greened bridge), maintaining connections for walkers, cyclists and animals.

Along with other key stakeholders, we were given an overview of the impressive scheme by the enthusiastic team at Kier and National Highways. Spanning 10 years of conversations and negotiations to overcome several challenges, construction is well underway, with completion scheduled for 2027.

We were lucky enough to be given a behind-the-scenes bus tour of the works, including a panoramic view of the road at the top of a very windy Barrow Hill.

Not only will the project have hugely positive impacts on road safety and connectivity, but it will also boost the economy, ease congestion, reduce air pollution and create specialist replacement habitats for local wildlife.

You can get important updates by visiting the National Highways website.