Western Gateway Rail Strategy 2020-2040

The strategy highlights 23 Conditional Outputs (CO’s) which set out the ambition for rail and addresses the need for change in the Western Gateway region and sets out six route maps to follow to implement this strategy.

The delivery of the Western Gateway Rail Strategy Conditional Outputs has been structured into five cross-industry categories to deliver, monitor and evaluate the route maps between 2020 – 2040 to ensure that investment is prioritised and targeted to make a tangible difference to residents, businesses and visitors to the Western Gateway area. These categories and the Conditional Outputs include:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Digital Solutions
  • Stations and Access to rail
  • Freight
  • Future ready and resilience.

The below table outlines the five cross-industry categories and the conditional outputs:

Table describing the 5 routes and confirmed conditional outputs

“I believe the need for change is clearly explained in this document and the base line conditions of existing services are equally well defined. I am very grateful for the support provided by Network Rail in developing this strategy and their commitment to continue close partnership working as we take the strategy forward.”

Western Gateway STB Chair Cllr Bridget Wayman from Wiltshire Council

Photo of Cllr Wayman – Chair of the Western Gateway STB

WSP was commissioned by Western Gateway to develop a Rail Strategy for the region. Despite the current difficulties during these unprecedented times, the Rail Strategy was developed in close partnership and with a significant input from industry stakeholders. Input from our constituent authorities, Network Rail, Train Operating Companies and Freight Operating Companies stakeholders was carried out through a mixture of physical workshops and interviews and digitally led e-consultations and an e-workshop.

“We’re delighted to have been part of the process of developing and delivering this strategy which will transform the future of rail in the Western Gateway area. Communities across the West of England will benefit from this strategy which will help meet the region’s net-zero targets, enhance social mobility and make rail the transport mode of choice.”

Katherine Bright, WSP, Director – Transport Planning

The Rail Strategy presents an ambitious yet deliverable vision for making rail a vital part of a sustainable transport network both within Western Gateway and across to its neighbouring authorities which has the support of all stakeholders who have been involved in its production. Western Gateway will soon be working on its Strategic Transport Plan 2025 – 2050 and this Rail Strategy will be an integral part of the document.

Photo credit: Nigel Jarvis \ Shutterstock.com

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